Have you ever seen anything so beautiful??

I had ordered a mini chocolate croissant (or pain au chocolate if you wanna be like that), but got this little guy instead. I’m not sure what the French or English name for this sort of pastry is, but it was lovely. I’ve never been happier to receive the wrong order.

Monster(a)s Inc.

I am a lover of plants. Our home is absolutely full of them, and we keep buying more. When you’re trapped in your own space, greenery is often a very welcome reminder of nature and the world outside.


‘Monstera Deliciosa – The Swiss cheese plant’

Monsteras are my favourite. You may not know them by their Latin name, but I’d bet my bottom dollar you’ve seen an illustration of their gorgeous leaves somewhere or the other. We recently acquired a few new ones from Cottage Garden Nursery in East Brisbane (HIGHLY recommend as all their plants are soo well kept), and they are so so healthy and gorgeous. The leaves are shiny & have split beautifully – It makes me very happy.

Every now and then when you glance over at a plant, you’ll see a fresh baby leaf that is fully formed, but absolutely 100% was not there the last time you looked. Plants grow far more quickly than I give them credit for, and I always do wonder if they have a secret code stopping them from growing when people are watching. Now that I’m around more often, I’ll have to pay closer attention.


Stars on my wrist

I was clearing out an old jewellery box to give away yesterday, and I could hear something rattling around underneath the drawers. It could have been the back of an old earring, but something told me I should probably investigate further.

After shaking down the aforementioned jewellery box, I was not disappointed. Although there were in fact several earring backs strewn on the floor (which I dared not keep for fear of contracting tetanus), this little starry bracelet also fell out and made me very nostalgic.


My dad got me this celestial number when I was 15, on a cruise ship. I’m not sure if its actually worth anything, but I am super sentimental and treasure gifts given to me by loved ones. He gave my sister and I a choice between two, and I picked this one (the far less elegant & sophisticated option btw) only because:

‘I am a star, and as such it is only fitting that I should wear miniature versions of myself on my wrist.’ – (2015, R. Pais)

My ego, thankfully, has deflated drastically since then.




Living in COVID is hard. So many of life’s joys have been (necessarily) taken away by these awful circumstances, and it can really chip away at your happiness.
‘Find joy in little things’
I feel we’ve all heard these words before, and for me it just seems to be one of those typographically constructed phrases that one might glimpse on Pinterest. However, now that finding joy in the ‘big things’ has become next to impossible, I think it’s time to reasses.
Each day I aim to pick something small to find the beauty in, and to document here what it is about it exactly that brings me joy. In doing so, I hope anyone reading will also open up about their ‘little things’ and we can all share in each others small happinesses.
Let’s make the most of the times we live in.