Me and My Purpose

cropped-IMG_3517.jpgI am the wife of one amazing man. A mother of two lovely boys. And the daily caretaker of both my children as well as my four year old nephew and 16 month old niece.

To say the least, life can be utterly insane in one moment and absolutely boring the next.

With diapers to change, lunches to prepare, and a floor to keep free of choking hazards, I fall into a trap of feeling inconsequential. After all, how am I reaching others for God’s kingdom if all I do everyday is make sure tiny humans stay fed and breathing?

My purpose here is to remind myself, AND YOU, that everything you do is unto the Lord and He sees it. He sees you. 

Okay, that got a little creepy. But, y’all know what I mean.

Here’s to faith–in the little things.