Me and My Purpose

cropped-IMG_3517.jpgI am the wife of one amazing man and the mother of two spunky little boys. I am a writer, coffee drinker, and Jesus lover–not necessarily in that order.

A little while ago it really hit me that I wanted to begin walking in the calling God had for me. Since I have two young kids and need to cook every meal for my husband due to his food allergies, I don’t get out much.

God has called every one of His believers to spread the Good News–the reconciliation of humanity to God’s eternity in Heaven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ–to as many as they can reach.

I felt so intensely passionate about being active in the Great Commission, but also stilted because in my season of life, mothering is the largest part of my life.

So, I started this blog. Because I have a lot to say. I want to share Jesus with you. Not in deep theology or Bible history, but in the little areas of my life. God is a big God, but He can be found in the most seemingly mundane tasks.

If you read all of that, Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I will talk about the faith, hope, and beauty found In Little Things.