The Brain Tumor and Busted Water Heater, Good Riddance 2017

2017 and I did not get off on the right foot. I was taking a shower. (Hot water and I are besties) but the water suddenly got a little too hot. And, subsequently a loud POP sounded. Queue the sound of rushing water in places it shouldn't be (i.e. the recently constructed tile wall of your one… Continue reading The Brain Tumor and Busted Water Heater, Good Riddance 2017

Out of Control

Today has most definitely been one of those days. You know the ones. Where nothing goes as planned. Mess abounds. Chaos reigns. And you fight and fight and fight for anything that will relinquish the smallest bit of control. I won't bother listing the issues I've dealt with today. They are absolutely ridiculous in light of the… Continue reading Out of Control

Well, Crap.

There are moments I am absolutely head over heels smitten with my sweet two year old boy. Like last night, when I was listening to a podcast. The pastor began praying and my son gets excited and begins to pray with him: "Thank you Jesus for this food, Amen!" Made me want to squeeze the… Continue reading Well, Crap.

From a Mess to a Memory

I really enjoy a clean house. I appreciate a freshly mopped floor glistening under my energy efficient light bulbs. And the smell of someone being heavy handed with the Fabuloso? Fah-get-abat-it! One of my favorite parts about any HGTV show is the ending. You know, where they go through the house room by room, first… Continue reading From a Mess to a Memory