Time to Dial it back

This is a corner of my home that I really love the look of.


The greenery combined with the bar cart, and also the warm brown of my bag when I place it there gives me major Cuba vibes. Now, I have never been to Cuba so this is could be completely inaccurate, but when I look at this picture that’s just what comes to mind.

Since turning 18, alcohol has played a huge role in my life, and in all my relationships. I have spent many a morning stressing over the blackouts and babbles from my overconsumption. I have convinced myself time and time again that I am learning moderation and it just doesn’t seem to have stuck. This time, shit got serious, and so I’ve decided to quit it – starting for at least 30 days. At the end the plan is to take stock, and remain sober for another 2 months. If I feel ready at that point, I will have a look at reintroducing very slowly. I downloaded a book, The Alcohol Experiment, to help keep things in perspective and remind of why I’m doing what I’m doing. I am hoping that, in time, I can return to social drinking without all of the stress that I cause myself by going overboard.

So to my bar cart I say:

“I think it’s time we dial it back. Our relationship is now one of pure aesthetics and nothing more. If I can change to be who you need me to be, then maybe we can give it another shot one day. Love Risa.”

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