Get Glassy

Here’s the situation: my screen time is climbing and with it my anxiety levels.

I don’t know about you, but my mental health is so dependant on the lifestyle choices I make day to day. Sleep, diet, exercise and social interaction hugely impact my headspace in noticeable ways, and on a day to day basis.


I bought these Quay Australia Blue-Light glasses in the hopes that it would help to reduce the effect my rising screen time was having on my sleep and sleep quality. These are the Rumours style, however there are many more available.


So far, I have actually found my sleep quality to be better – however this could be due to a myriad of factors. As a non-native glasses wearer, I get quite annoyed having something sitting on my face (this applies with sunglasses too) and so I only put these on after lunchtime when I feel the blue light might start to affect my sleep for the evening.  Obviously this is not backed by any evidence whatsoever, just a whim.

Beyond tenuous links to improved slumber, I do find putting on a pair of clear lenses does make me feel a bit smarter & more productive as strange as it sounds. Clearly there is no actual correlation as my work productivity has been dropping like it’s hot recently, but regardless it makes me smile when I catch my reflection.



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