Wow its been longer than expected. I’ve been wallowing a bit to be honest.  Symptomatic of being in my twenties, I frequently question the path I’m on, the values I have and the company I keep. I would say at least quarterly, an existential crisis comes along and makes me forget everything from my self control to my skin care.


The weekend was a great pick me up however; I feel that time spent with family always recharges me and leaves me feeling optimistic in some form. Mothers day this year was a lunchtime affair. We (meaning my sister) simply cooked lunch for mum (don’t worry – Christian & I were the only visitors so everything was well within the restrictions) and played too many games of banana grams for my liking (the Scrabble dictionary does NOT count – who’s with me?).


The delicious pork roast – complete with crackling – cooked by my sister.


We devoured some Vietnamese style Bahn-mi which I had never tried before. It was absolutely delicious and I am hounding Aliya for the recipe so I can attempt to replicate it in vain. Sadly, it was an D+ for effort from me this year, with only a failed cheesecake attempt and a lame hug to show for it.

Hoping everyone spoilt their mums on Sunday – let me know what you did as I definitely dropped the ball this year and could use some ideas.

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