Retail Therapy

Let’s face it, we can’t talk about things that bring us joy without a MECCA delivery making its way into the mix. In fact, under the current circumstances, every time my doorbell rings I can be assured that there is at least one new welcome addition to my closet and/or beauty stash waiting beyond the threshold.


There’s definitely been a shift in the nature of my purchases lately – firstly from makeup to skincare, and secondly from quantity to quality. I only bought the 4 products, but I am so sure that each will earn a solo blogpost in the coming weeks.

The Spoils

Tomato Candle – Malin+Goetz

Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer – Kosas

Glow-Giver Exfoliating Solution – Mecca Cosmetica

Drying Lotion – Mario Badescu

As with every MECCA order, I also received a free sample, as well as my beauty loop box (level 3 giving away just how addicted I am). I am very much looking forward to testing those out and reporting the results in future.


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