There is no point in pretending that I have event a hint of artistic talent, but I love my monthly foray into illustration nonetheless.


This month was a little bit frustrating to do as I used a new type of marker which kept bleeding through the pages. I had to glue several pages together to make it work, but I am pretty happy with the end result. I know that I will never be a good artist (nor do I have the dedication to refine the skill) but sitting down for a few hours and zoning out to create something pretty is good for the mind in my humble opinion.

This month was inspired by Amanda Rach Lee’s 2019 May Plan with me. I love her videos and find her voice and music so soothing and easy to follow along with. I never have the patience to doodle quite as much as she does, but she provides great inspiration for cover pages, weekly layouts and colour schemes.

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