Broken Down and Deserted

My car wouldn’t start this morning.

You’ve been there. We all have.

You woke up late. The kids are in a bad mood. Nothing seems to be in the spot you left it. Even your shoes aren’t by the back door where you always deposit them, but actually put away in the closet (go figure).

And then, finally, the miracle of all miracles, you make it to the car. Diaper bag, laptop bag, purse, phone, keys (actually, no keys, had to run in for those), kids are strapped in, everyone is settled and then…

*click click click click*

A dead battery.

This usually wouldn’t be a big deal. My husband is a mechanic. We have all sorts of battery related gizmos and a garage full of tools to handle such an event.

FullSizeRender (2)

And I thought, alright, I’ll just use the truck and the jumper cables. I can do this. I am a strong independent woman.

Well, it’s difficult to be strong and independent when your husband locked the truck and took the keys.

With the jumper cables sitting on the floorboard mocking you through the window.

All of my good, loving neighbors had already left for work and the husband’s phone was on the fritz.

I was in a pickle to say the least.

So I prayed, asking God to give me an idea.

I was already late for work. I was frazzled. Annoyed. Outraged, really.

I mean, what did I do to deserve this?!

Don’t look at me like that, you would have felt that same way.

Anyway, God is faithful and He gave me the answer, in the form of a close friend who is a neighbor but not quite a neighbor.

I sent her a hesitant text first to make sure she was awake, and a second to beg for her help.

She had a truck, jumper cables and some know-how and was able to get things sorted for me.

Just like that.

Isn’t it funny how that works.


We get so worked up. Freak out. Feel forsaken over something minor. Something so easy to rectify. It can ruin our entire day. Our entire w

eek, really. And if this attitude continues, it can really begin to ruin our life.

Before we know it, our negativity and sense of disproportionate injustice manifests as a constant dark cloud over our head. And like an impending storm, people scurry to take shelter when they see us coming.

Annoying things happen. Rarely is our day one smooth and blissful experience. But if you’ll just lower the expectations a little, you’ll find even when life is still as unpredictable as ever, you’re having a blast.







1 thought on “Broken Down and Deserted”

  1. Sounds rough, reminds me of a time i had to use wire hangers, to hook 2 dead batteries together in a series, series is + to – and – to+ witch adds the voltage of the 2 batteries. What ever you do, never hook them up like this if they are in vehicles, if you give your car or truck to much voltage it will cause problems, blow fuses smoke wires, and maybe burn up the electric control modules. My thinking was if each of these batteries had at least 6 volts then it ought to make 12 and should work. and it did. it doesnt have to be exact, you have a pretty big window, anything from 11 volts to 16 volts should start your car with out any problems.
    it also reminds me of a fellow who ran a honda civic on a lawn mower batterie for well over a year before he replaced it.
    A relitive of mine you might ask,
    it sure was

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