Okay, here goes…


I finally did it.

I’ve been thinking about blogging for some time now. But, of course, all of my insecurities, inadequacies, and some other synonyms for those words stopped me.

I made excuses.

I don’t have time for that. Nobody will read that. 25,000,000 other people are doing it so it’s too late.

But last week something changed in me and I could not ignore this urgent need to write. About anything! Everything! And suddenly, I didn’t care if anybody read it or not. This would be for me.

And then after that magical revelation, all the doubts and fear came rushing back, because I realized that no, maybe thousands of people across the globe might not read my words… but a ton of people I know personally probably would.

Here’s this nice picture from summer vacation in Utah last year–completely unrelated.


Anyway, it took me another week to overcome the knowledge of sharing my life and struggles with people I will have to look in the eye later.

But that’s what God does. He calls us out of our comfort zone. He called Gideon out of the wine press. He called David away from the sheep and the shadow of his older brothers. And, um, yeah in light of those comparisons, calling a mom from Texas to talk about how she snapped at her 2 year old and needed to repent about 10 times in one day doesn’t seem like all that big of deal.

So, all of that to say: Here I am. And here I will be. Prepare to be amazed at just how human I am and just how big my God is.


4 thoughts on “Okay, here goes…”

  1. Wow! Go mama. You are definitely flowing in ur element when it comes to words. What a gift! Keep it up.? And by the way about the older couples remembering when their kids were little and wishing they had taken more time to be in the moment, so true. Funny thing is when their teenagers you have to remind yourself sometimes to still be in the moment and that they need you.?

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