Leaping into the new year.

As always, goals and their setting are very topical in January. After having consumed oodles of content on the topic, I sat myself down for a goal setting session of my own. Nothing refreshes and motivates me as much as getting out all the colours of sharpie you can imagine, and dumping my thoughts on a page.

Truth be told, it is rarely the case that my goals from January are met, or even still relevant, at the end of the calendar year. As such, one of my goals for the year is to actually tick off some of the SMART objectives I’ve so preciously set. I tried to create milestones within each larger goal to try and keep motivated, and hope that this gives me a sense of progress to keep on tracking as the year goes on.

Whatever happens, I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.


Nestled in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is the beautiful village of Montville. Up here, amongst the lush greenery and filtered sunlight, I found myself able to think clearly and reflect deeply on the year that has passed.

The village itself is filled with artisan shops and quirky cafes which serve as a kind of time machine to a very different world.

What a way to bring in the new year – with family, greenery and no shortage of time to think.



I went for a little (kidding – massive) shop the other weekend and oh my goodness, the choice this season is absolutely amazing. I’m getting a lot of 70s style vibes and some really beautiful colours.


Jumper from Glassons

This is a little piccy I snapped whilst waiting fo Christian to get ready. We walk to work together as we both work in the city, and with the weather cooling down recently its been lovely having some warm clothes which are still fun and have interesting shapes and forms to them.

Keep an eye out for more spoils from my spree!

Time to Dial it back

This is a corner of my home that I really love the look of.


The greenery combined with the bar cart, and also the warm brown of my bag when I place it there gives me major Cuba vibes. Now, I have never been to Cuba so this is could be completely inaccurate, but when I look at this picture that’s just what comes to mind.

Since turning 18, alcohol has played a huge role in my life, and in all my relationships. I have spent many a morning stressing over the blackouts and babbles from my overconsumption. I have convinced myself time and time again that I am learning moderation and it just doesn’t seem to have stuck. This time, shit got serious, and so I’ve decided to quit it – starting for at least 30 days. At the end the plan is to take stock, and remain sober for another 2 months. If I feel ready at that point, I will have a look at reintroducing very slowly. I downloaded a book, The Alcohol Experiment, to help keep things in perspective and remind of why I’m doing what I’m doing. I am hoping that, in time, I can return to social drinking without all of the stress that I cause myself by going overboard.

So to my bar cart I say:

“I think it’s time we dial it back. Our relationship is now one of pure aesthetics and nothing more. If I can change to be who you need me to be, then maybe we can give it another shot one day. Love Risa.”

Clothesline Shenanigans

Friends and photoshoots are the theme of today’s post.


I have 2 close friends from school who I frequently catch up with, and whenever I do I always have the best time and absolutely laugh my socks off. Both of them are so much more talented & creative than I could ever hope to be. In particular, Emily is a budding photographer whose work has already been nominated for an award, so I was so lucky to be in front of her lens a couple of weekends ago.


My friend Bek and I had an absolute ball moonlighting as models, however in trying to post these photos I feel so anxious that people will think I’m taking myself too seriously. In all honesty though, all I wanted to do was commemorate a fantastic day that I will always remember (maybe not super accurately though – as I said, much champagne was involved).


If you’d like to check out some more of Emily’s work, you can find it on her instagram, @loulou.lens


Get Glassy

Here’s the situation: my screen time is climbing and with it my anxiety levels.

I don’t know about you, but my mental health is so dependant on the lifestyle choices I make day to day. Sleep, diet, exercise and social interaction hugely impact my headspace in noticeable ways, and on a day to day basis.


I bought these Quay Australia Blue-Light glasses in the hopes that it would help to reduce the effect my rising screen time was having on my sleep and sleep quality. These are the Rumours style, however there are many more available.


So far, I have actually found my sleep quality to be better – however this could be due to a myriad of factors. As a non-native glasses wearer, I get quite annoyed having something sitting on my face (this applies with sunglasses too) and so I only put these on after lunchtime when I feel the blue light might start to affect my sleep for the evening.  Obviously this is not backed by any evidence whatsoever, just a whim.

Beyond tenuous links to improved slumber, I do find putting on a pair of clear lenses does make me feel a bit smarter & more productive as strange as it sounds. Clearly there is no actual correlation as my work productivity has been dropping like it’s hot recently, but regardless it makes me smile when I catch my reflection.




Wow its been longer than expected. I’ve been wallowing a bit to be honest.  Symptomatic of being in my twenties, I frequently question the path I’m on, the values I have and the company I keep. I would say at least quarterly, an existential crisis comes along and makes me forget everything from my self control to my skin care.


The weekend was a great pick me up however; I feel that time spent with family always recharges me and leaves me feeling optimistic in some form. Mothers day this year was a lunchtime affair. We (meaning my sister) simply cooked lunch for mum (don’t worry – Christian & I were the only visitors so everything was well within the restrictions) and played too many games of banana grams for my liking (the Scrabble dictionary does NOT count – who’s with me?).


The delicious pork roast – complete with crackling – cooked by my sister.


We devoured some Vietnamese style Bahn-mi which I had never tried before. It was absolutely delicious and I am hounding Aliya for the recipe so I can attempt to replicate it in vain. Sadly, it was an D+ for effort from me this year, with only a failed cheesecake attempt and a lame hug to show for it.

Hoping everyone spoilt their mums on Sunday – let me know what you did as I definitely dropped the ball this year and could use some ideas.


Mimosas and candles and cheese boards oh my! What weekend. Here is a snippet of the background that makes me happy.


As promised, the Malin + Goetz is already making a feature on the blog, however it will have to share the spotlight with this very average champagne.

The candle (proposing to be ‘Tomato scented’) has a very pleasant aroma. Think vegetable garden and fresh leaves rather than ketchup. I have been loving burning this in my kitchen at dinner time although I have to say the scent doesn’t carry as much as I’d like. It is very subtle but definitely fits in well with my plant filled living room.

At $88 a pop, I probably won’t be repurchasing this one as it is quite a small candle, but I definitely have enjoyed its presence in my home.

Shaw + Smith

I’ve tried many a white wine in my time as a legal drinker, but the Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc definitely tops the list for a dry white.

I don’t know what the fancy lingo is but in my words, the flavour is crisp and elegant. I love the packaging, and the colour of the wine itself is very subtle. I always find that the clearer wines are the ones I enjoy more (although this might be a bias due to aesthetic appeal).

My taste in wine has definitely matured since my Banrock Station days, although I’m not sure that it’s such a good thing.

Depends on who you ask I guess- wallet or liver?

Retail Therapy

Let’s face it, we can’t talk about things that bring us joy without a MECCA delivery making its way into the mix. In fact, under the current circumstances, every time my doorbell rings I can be assured that there is at least one new welcome addition to my closet and/or beauty stash waiting beyond the threshold.


There’s definitely been a shift in the nature of my purchases lately – firstly from makeup to skincare, and secondly from quantity to quality. I only bought the 4 products, but I am so sure that each will earn a solo blogpost in the coming weeks.

The Spoils

Tomato Candle – Malin+Goetz

Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer – Kosas

Glow-Giver Exfoliating Solution – Mecca Cosmetica

Drying Lotion – Mario Badescu

As with every MECCA order, I also received a free sample, as well as my beauty loop box (level 3 giving away just how addicted I am). I am very much looking forward to testing those out and reporting the results in future.